Exploration and Geology

Mexgeo has built a team that possesses more than 100 years of exceptional experience in Greenfield and Brownfield exploration. Our senior’s geologists are widely recognized in the mining industry for their countless successes. Our company offers a wide range of exploration services including the following:

  • Design and development of exlporation programs
  • Exploration planning
  • Detailed regional mapping programs
  • Detailed geochemical surveys
  • Geological assessment of mineral and metallic ore deposits
  • Geological assessment of mines (underground and open pit)
  • Project design and implementation of diamond drilling programs
  • Management of drilling programs
  • Estimation of mineral resources 

Mexgeo offers a wide range of mining services. Our services are comprehensive and are executed by a team of talented professionals with extensive experience in the operation of underground and open pit mines, shortcreting, and installation and monitoring of SMART cables. Their professionalism and expertise are supported by 20 years of professional development.

  • Cable bolt support and SMART cables
    • Installation and monitoring
  • Production mining services
    • Drilling, Charging and Blasting, and Loading and Hauling
  • Shortcreting and Geotechnical engineering
  • Underground road and ramp construction
  • Mine infrastructure and construction 
Specialized Advisory

Mexgeo possesses a team of mining specialists that have over 25 years experience in mining development. Our staff possesses the leadership, talent, professionalism and experience to develop an extensive variety of exploration and production projects, as well as to provide support in any of the following areas:

  • Mining topography (Underground – Open pit)
  • Mining geology (Underground – Open pit)
  • Estimation of mineral resources & mineral reserves
  • Production and development scheduling
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Mining legal counsel
  • Environmental advisory

We provide a diverse range of professional services
of exploration and geology.